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Name: Mr Jerry Hu
Tel: 0086-133-06896298
E-mail: Jerry@tl-tattoosupplies.com
Add: No.89 chongde Rd.Yiwu city[322000] Zhejiang China

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* You can get volume pricing on all of our products on-line? Send us an email to jerry@tl-tattoosupplies.com with your interested item, quantity, shipping address,
* Order small to large - minimum order quantity 1 case /1 cartons/1pcs
* Enjoy door-to-door shipment within 14 days by TNT/UPS/DHL/Fedex
* Easy payment with T/T Transfer, Paypal and Western Union

www.paypal.com For payments less than US$1000, we also welcome you to pay by credit card through Paypal. It is Low Cost, Fast, and Secure. PayPal commission per transaction is 4% of the total purchase.

www.westernunion.com Please follow this link to find the nearest Western Union Agent, and kindly include US$10 extra for receiving the Western Union payment.